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Software Development

Software Development

  • Academic Software development and hosting
    • Learning Management Software – on your server or ABOT College’s (secured) platform
    • Online Course Content Design, and Delivery Interfaces
  • Developing Apps and Websites
  • Graphics Design and Custom-made Documents
  • Embedded Software and Device Programming (Smart systems)
  • Telemedicine Apps
  • Robotics and Game Design and Development – Hobbyists

Certificates and Short Courses – Professional Development

ABOT College has facilities, teaching and administrative staff for organizing and running short courses that lead to certifications. Regularly organized short courses will be offered to healthcare professionals, in collaboration with ABOT’s international partners, especially experienced nurses, midwives, pharmacists, community and public health officers, who thinking of private or entrepreneurial establishments. Opportunities will also be offered to medical doctors and officials in the health sector (public and private) who are seeking to upgrade or advance their skills with the trendy and state-of-the-practice tools and techniques.

  • 1-week or 2-week, short certification courses – industrial application
  • 1-month, weekly meeting courses – networking and security
  • 3-month, summer-time courses – advanced certification courses
  • 1-week, proposal development courses – techniques and winnable projects
  • 1-month, training and exam prep courses – academic or professional