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ABOT College of Health Sciences and Technology is a private Health and Technology institution located at Dominase, on the Kumasi-Bekwai road, within the Bekwai District, in the Ashanti Region, Ghana. It is located in a serene grassy environment, on the rolling hills (situated at the highest elevation), with a panoramic view from its new-township location of Dominase. ABOT’s 8-foot, gated-walls enclosing a landscape of trees and horticulture that espouse nature, devoid of traffic, noise, and removed from the hustles and bustles of cities provide a secure and conducive environment for teaching and learning. Geo-located at latitude 6.515154o and longitude -1.657378o, and about 300-feet off the Kumasi-Bekwai road, makes the College geographically accessible to all people. The campus is also guarded by state-of-the-art CCTV (closed-circuit TV) Internet-enabled, 24/7 night-vision cameras for anywhere-anytime view of activities on campus, as well as 24-hour security guards. The College is across (half a kilometer) from the nearest SDA Hospital, 4 kilometers from a Private Hospital at Anwea-Nkwanta, and within 10 kilometers from Government and Private (Catholic) Hospitals, respectively located at Bekwai and Agroyesum (in the Manso District).

Construction of ABOT College began in August 2012, and its functional buildings/units were completed in August 2015. The initial plan focused on erecting the ground-levels of each unit in order to develop a holistic campus for various academic, administrative, and residential purposes. (See the Gallery of pictures at this website: Built on about 3-acre land, the College’s construction began with the ground-level of the classroom structure in August 2012, and within 6 months thereafter, and sometimes overlapping, the Administration unit and the first residential hall were added. Finding the need to feed students and serve the needs of staff and faculty, the dining and kitchen combined unit was then constructed during 2013. In the latter part 2013 and into 2014, the second residential hall was constructed in parallel with other supporting units (general sanitation block, power house, security post), including installation of wooden frames, landscaping and parking spaces. In the early part of 2015, the major construction works were completed; efforts were then directed toward the installation of electrical fixtures, furnishings, painting, and classroom and laboratory instrumentation.

The infrastructure of the institution is solidly constructed and neatly arranged in a spacious compound. The classrooms are air-conditioned and well-ventilated to reduce air pollution and illuminated to improve vision.  A mechanized borehole provides uninterrupted potable water for residential and campus-wide use. The 120-seated, fully-equipped cafeteria and kitchen, managed by a qualified matron, serves nutritious food prepared under hygienic condition to promote healthy living. (The well touted Adventist vegetarian diet for healthy-living is encouraged.)  The campus has a 20-seat modern water-closet facility for general use, separate water-closet facilities dedicated to the two residential halls, mowed landscaped compound, and clean classrooms to enhance cleanliness and personal hygiene.

ABOT offers a competitive value-to-expense ratio of tuition and fees. This makes attending ABOT affordable and commensurate with the quality of instruction, services rendered, and the availability of state-of-the-art, technology-rich laboratories, instructional development and delivery tools, and learning facilities. The facilities include a state-of-the-practice demonstration lab for nursing and midwifery practice, equipped with clinical instrumentation and state-of-the-practice computerized manikins and human-anatomical models/organs for teaching; a well-stocked library (with a 10-seat-computerized e-library hosting over 4000 holdings and over 1200 in print, in both IT and health sciences); and a separate lab of 20-seat high-speed network of computers. The entire campus is also supported by wireless network for accessing the Internet on 24/7 basis for instruction and learning. (Students and staff need not leave their residence halls or campus to access the Internet; reprographic services are provided on campus.) ABOT College is truly an epitome of a modern-day, small-college campus with unique purpose.

ABOT College strongly espouses various religious faiths and virtues; hence students conduct non-denominational church services beginning at 12 noon on Fridays through Sundays. ABOT beliefs are grounded in Divine grace and mercy, which is enshrined in its Motto. As an institution, however, ABOT derives its foundations, rules, and motivation entirely from the principles of Christian education which are based on the Bible – the Word of God. ABOT College of Health Sciences and Technology academically seeks to prepare minds for creative thinking, for developing a healthy society. It also seeks to prepare the individual to serve God and humanity. In response to contemporary societal challenges, the College seeks to produce leaders who have moral uprightness, compassion, servitude, humility, and potential for further education.

ABOT College of Health Sciences and Technology has qualified, competent, committed and well-motivated faculty and non-teaching staff. It upholds quality and competitive education epitomized by its current and enhanced curricula, which is undergirded by technology-rich tools for instruction and training. The College emphasizes high standards on its citizenry to produce holistic and excellent health care practitioners recognized worldwide.

ABOT College of Health Sciences and Technology trains health care professionals and future technologists both in academic excellence and high moral standards to provide quality health care to humanity. With the fundamental belief that, “Wisdom is the knowledge of God” our students are inspired to discharge their professional duties with trust in God, honesty, and discipline guided by Divine grace of knowledge and wisdom. The express purpose of this background information is to give readers the opportunity to become familiar with the historicity of the College, its evolution, its principles and beliefs, and its direction. You will find ABOT’s vision and mission statements elsewhere at this website and other documents.

In spite of its Christian tendencies and beliefs, ABOT does not discriminate in its staff and faculty hiring and student admission practices based on race, gender, religion, ethnic/country of origin, social status, disability, or political views.