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Academic Resources


libraryThe College has enviable library resources, even as a young institution, which include over 1200 holdings in print; capacity of 20 seats for patrons; and a 10-seat thin-client cluster of computers connected to about 4000 e-books kept on a server to provide 24/7 access to other online resources. Furthermore, ABOT is a member of CARLIGH (Consortium of Academic Research Libraries of Ghana) and subscribes to a number of online journals through this membership.

The library is managed by qualified librarians and support staff who are knowledgeable of computing and information systems to assist patrons in gaining access rights to these resources.

Computer Networking and Laboratory

pcsEndowed with technological knowledge-base and know-how, ABOT is leading in the introduction of campus-wide network connectivity through the Internet and other intranet resources. Each classroom, laboratory, residential hall, office, and the library is connected to the Internet. This infrastructure, supported by an Internet Service Provider services, provides 24/7 access to unlimited number of resources for academic and administrative functions and social networking. The network systems on campus include both wired and radio-based wireless connections.

ABOT also has a dedicated laboratory of over 20 computers which are connected to the campus servers and switches, providing in-lab and in-classroom access to the commodity Internet. This infrastructure is also connected to ABOT’s on-campus Learning Management Systems (LMS), which is hosted on a local server and duplicated on an external server in the Cloud for fault-tolerance. The computer laboratory is expected to expand exponentially as smart, hand-held computing devices are introduced into the system for increased access by students, faculty and staff.

Demonstration/Clinical Laboratory

demonstration labAs a health- and technology-oriented institution, ABOT is proud of its beginnings in the establishment of state-of-the-practice instrumentation and laboratory equipment for clinical training of its students. The clinical lab has manikins for adult and infant healthcare and training, including smart-intelligent manikin, anatomical models, adjustable beds, bed-side furniture, surgical instruments, and a plethora of devices and pharmaceutical materials organized into a hospital/clinical setting for training nurses and midwives.

In the out-years, ABOT will expand and integrate these academic resources into a testbed (housed in a dedicated building) for research, teaching, and training. In this way, the synergy of its health science and computing technology emphasis will be truly achieved.